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Bazooka Filter Cylinder Screen

Bazooka Filter Cylinder Screen

Material: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L,

Mesh types :stainless steel weaving mesh, stainless steel fine wire mesh.

Mesh :16mesh .20mesh,30mesh.


Length :150mm ,320mm.

Layer:For have sigle layer and double layer.

Others size aslo acceptable ,We can processing and made base on your engineer drawing !


 The strainer in your boil kettle,or a perfect filter in your mash tun to separate your wort from your grain during lautering and sparging.

 This Filter Cylinder Screen is designed to attach to the back of a bulkhead inside a boil kettle or mash tun for easy wort removal. 

The Bazooka Screen is fine enough to filter wort for a plate chiller or counter-flow chiller, yet not too fine to clog up with pellet hops. 

For straining hops in a boil  filtration and separation.It's suitable to works great for brewing wine and beer !

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