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Suction Filter Elements

Suction Filter Elements

Wire mesh Raw material and Media : 

Standard stainless steel woven wire cloth 

Standard stainless steel sintered wire mesh

Filtration Rating: 50 Microns -200 microns. 

Connector Connections : NPT or BSP of Threading  1/2",1/4",3/8" 5/8",1",1 1/2",1 1/4" .and so on.

The suction strainer elements can also be supplied with a by pass valve to reduce high pressure drops caused by contaminated elements or high viscosity fluids during cold starting. The by pass valve opens at 3 psi. For best results, suction strainer elements should be sized for clean element pressure drops off no higher than 0.5 - 0.07 psi.

Pumps incorporated in oil hydraulic  or  water systems must be protected from coarse containments which when not removed by any other filtering devices may gain access to tank. Extra caution should be taken to ensure that the suction elements are always mounted below the minimum oil level of the reservoir.   Glory suction filters series  stand out for their rugged construction and large filter surface area.

The filter surface is dimensioned to ensure long life at the proper corresponding flow rate.The installation should be ahead of the pump in the tank for optimal protection.

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