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Raw material Grade:
Brass or phosphor bronze wire...

Plate Raw Material .Brass or Copper Plate ,SS plate.Titanium plate.Nickel plate


Aperture width w is the distance between two adjacent warp or weft wires, measured in the project plane at the midpositions.

Wire diameter d is the diameter of the wire in the woven cloth. (The wire diameter may be altered slightly during the

weaving process.)

Pitch p is the distance between the middle point of two adjacent wires or the sum of the aperture width w and the wire

diameter d.

Warp: All wires running lengthwise of the cloth as woven.

Weft: All wires running across the cloth as woven.

The number of apertures per unit length n is the number of apertures which are counted in a row one behind the other

for a given unit length. The unit length may be 1 cm, 1 dm, Inch or any other unit of length. (The number of apertures with a

length of 25,4 mm is designated as Mesh.)

Mesh = number of apertures per English inch = 25,4 p

n/cm = number of apertures per cm = 10 p

n/cm2 = number of apertures per cm2 = (10 p)2

Open screening area, Oa%: The percentage of the area of all the apertures in the total screening surface or the ratio of

square of the nominal aperture width w and the square of the nominal pitch p = w + d, rounded to a full percentage


Oa% = 100 . (w2 p2)

Type of weave is the way in which the warp and weft wires cross each other.

Weight G of the steel wire cloth screen section in kg per m2.

G = (12,7 x d2) p

G = (Mesh x d2)2

The wire diameter can be calculated using the following equation

Material: It is up to the user to specify the choice of material with respect to:

a) the final application of the wire cloth (e.g. resistance to environmental corrosion, suitability for food products etc.)

b) the further processing (e.g. suitability for shaping, welding and surface treatment).

Materials should be designated in accordance with appropriate standards, or if none exists, according to commercial


Wire Mesh Woven Types:

Plain Weave Types

Twilled Weave  Types Dutch Plain Weave Types Dutch Twilled Weave Types

Reverse Weave Types
Single Intermediate CrimpedDouble Intermediate CrimpedLock Crimped 
Welded Wire MeshTypesFlat Top Crimped TypesExpanded Screen Types
Perforated Holes

Wire Mesh Raw Material Types:

woven wire mesh

Fine Wire Mesh.

Plain Dutch wire mesh

Twill Plain Dutch wire mesh

Brass Wire Mesh

phosphor bronze wire cloth 

Perforated screen 

Expanded Metal Screen 

Etched Metal Screen

Welded wire Mesh

Spiral Perforated  Screen
Woven Crimped Wire Screen
PP Netting
Nylon Netting

Multi-layer Sintered wire mesh

Standard stainless steel woven wire cloth 

standard Five-layer sintered wire mesh

sintered square wire mesh 

sintered Laminated plain Dutch woven wire mesh

sintered perforated and woven wire mesh .

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